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Exchange Asset

Post by stupendelious » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:54 am

As Caret currently is not listed on any online exchanges, this is the source of trade from BTC to CARET until that happens. The way this asset works is each asset share is equal to exactly 1 BTC. Shares will be traded again Caret in order to trade Caret in to Bitcoin. Shares can be both redeemed for BTC and bought with BTC by messaging the exchange account on the caret blockchain: CARET-QKKA-3655-NX4A-5MU28 with the following information:

Redeeming shares: send the shares to the exchange account (CARET-QKKA-3655-NX4A-5MU28) with a message stating what BTC address to send bitcoin for the shares.

Buying shares: send a message requesting a bitcoin address to send funds to. Once you receive the address send your funds there and you will receive the amount of shares equivalent to how much you sent.

This share to BTC and BTC to share process will be run manually so don't expect instant transactions, but if your request is not fulfilled with 48 hours then contact me through this forum's private messenger. Fees for this asset will be nothing except the actual transaction fees for BTC transactions because the ultimate goal of this asset is to be a temporary means of trading CARET until it is listed on an online exchange.

Happy Trading!!!!

Asset Id: 3292068089193105964
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